Multimedia is a combination of digitally manipulated text,photographs, graphic art,sound,animation and video elements.When you allow an end user also known as the viewer of a multimedia project to control what and when the elements are delivered it is called interactive multimedia.When you provide a structure of linked elements through which the user can navigate, interactive multimedia becomes hypermedia.

     Although the definition of multimedia is a simple one making it work can be complicated.Not o12nly do you need to understand how to make each multimedia elements stand up and dance but you also need to know how to use multimedia into meaningful tapestries are called multimedia developers.

   The software vehicle, the messages, and the content presented on a computer, television screen, PDA (personal digital assistant) or cell phone together constitute a multimedia project. If the project is to be shipped or sold to consumers or end users, typically in a box or sleeve or delivered on the Internet, with or without instructions, it is a multimedia title. Your project may also be a page or site on the World Wide Web, where you can weave the elements of multimedia into documents with HTML (Hyper Markup Language) or DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language) or XML (eXtensible Markup Language ) and play rich media files created in such programs as Adobe’s Flash, Live Motion  or Apple’s Quick Time by installing plug-ins into a browser application such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Browsers are software program ao tools for viewing content on the Web.

     A multimedia project need not be interactive to be called multimedia user can sit back and watch it just as they do a movie or the television.In such cases a project is linear, or starting at the beginning and running through to the end.When user are give navigational becomes nonlinear and user interactive and is a powerful personal gateway to information.

   Determine how a user will interact with and navigate through the content of a project requires great animation to the message, the scripting or story-boarding  the artwork, and the programming. You can also lose the message in a project with inadequate or inaccurate content.

    Multimedia elements are typically sewn together into a project using authoring tools.These software tools are designed to manage individual multimedia elements and provide user interactive. Integrated multimedia is the weaving part of the multimedia definition where source documents such as montage,graphics,video cuts and sounds merge into a final presentation.In addition to providing a method for user to interact with the project most authoring tools also offer facilities for for creating and editing text and image and controls for playing back separate audio and video files that have created with editing tools designed for these media.The sum of what gets played back and how it is presented to the viewer on a monitor is the graphical user interface, or GUI (pronounced “gooey”). The graphical user interface is more than just the actual graphics on the screen it also often provides the rule or structure for the user’s input.The hardware and software that govern the limits of what can happen here are multimedia platform or environment.